Private Yoga Classes Claremont CA

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Private and Semi-Private Lessons
Half-hour private lesson $40
Half-hour semi-private lesson (2 or more) $30 each person
Hour private lesson $75
Hour semi-private lesson $50 each person

Schedule your own private class for friends or co-workers

Private group classes (one hour)
Less than 10 people $75
10-15 people $100
16-20 people $125
21-25 people $150
Private group classes (one hour)
Event cancellation policy: Event/workshop reservations must be cancelled 48 hours before the event to receive a refund. All cancellations past that will be nonrefundable.
The Yoga Unit Late Policy: We ask that all yogis try to be on time to class. Our policy allows a reserved yoga student to attend a class up to 5 minutes after the start of class, any later than that and you will not be allowed to attend. Should you anticipate you will be later than 5 minutes, give us a call and request that one of our staff members place a mat for your spot as to not disrupt students once class has started (provided that the class is not already full).