Yoga Instructor Claremont, CA


Sarah Sawyer ______

Sarah Sawyer Yoga Instructor Claremont

Growing up, much of my life centered around sports and competition: gymnastics, dance, collegiate cheerleading, running, and weight training.  After college, my sports activities had ended, and I began searching for a new venture where I could focus my interests, hoping to sustain my strength and flexibility.  I took a studio yoga class in 2005 and found yoga to be more than an activity but a life-long passion that has provided support through life’s struggles and successes. I completed my 200-hour vinyasa instructor certification and 100-hour yin certification through the Yoga Unit’s Teacher Training with Monica Mathews. Over a span of 14 years, I have explored various yoga traditions (Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power, Fertility, Prenatal, Yin, Restorative, and Kundalini) and have discovered that yoga can benefit anyone at any time in life.  My perspective is there is a yoga style uniquely suited for each individual, and as one’s life evolves so may one’s preferred and needed yoga style. Each day of your life can be fed, guided, healed or driven by a different type of yoga, and is one of its beauties. My yoga practice has changed my life profoundly, and I want to support you through your own personal yoga journey. I hope to see you in a class soon! Namaste.

Amy Reilly ______

Amy Reilly Yoga Instructor Claremont

Since completing the Yoga Unit’s Teacher Training Program with Monica Mathews in 2018, I am so happy to be a Yoga Alliance 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and to share my love of the practice. My first yoga class was with Monica in early 2012. Back then I knew yoga was a great form of exercise and stress relief but quickly realized that there are numerous benefits to the practice. One of the many unexpected rewards is an increased ability to focus during my day-to-day tasks. I grew up studying advanced ballet technique, and approach yoga with a dancer’s mindset. I believe that proper and safe body alignment is the foundation of the asanas, and the rest is the icing on the cake. I love all genres of music and enjoy curating playlists to inspire our students. Hit me up, if you have a song request! I look forward to seeing you in class.

Lisa Hof ______

Lisa Hoff Yoga Instructor Claremont

I started practicing yoga over 15 years ago. After years of a strong home practice and attending a variety of classes, in 2012 I attended my Hatha Yoga teacher training from Saint Louis Yoga source. I recently moved from Saint Louis, Missouri, where I taught yoga and worked in a gymnastics center. I like teaching my students that through their breath they can find the balance between effort and ease. I love the exploration of new and challenging poses. I feel grateful to be in Southern California and part of the Yoga Unit Community.

Cheryl Allen-Hunter ______

Cheryl Allen Hunter Yoga Instructor Claremont

I began my yoga journey in 1968 with renowned TV guru, Richard Hittleman. I have authentic initiate, philosophical and fraternal credentials from, AMORC, TMO and Self Realization Fellowship. I enjoy Cha’n Meditation (more commonly known as Zen), Sufi and Judaic Mysticism. I am E-RYT 500 and YACEP with Yoga Alliance. I hold both a Masters in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from San Jose State University. It was there I developed and implemented the Early Outreach program. This program assists youths to attain higher education standards by instilling interest in college through applicable personal skills. My yoga practice has been heavily influenced by Bryan Kest for the last 15 years. I have also certifications from Balance Body University, in Pilates Mat 1, 2; Reformer 1, 2; EXO Chair, and ARC. Additionally, I am a certified instructor of NAAMSIMRAN, Shakti Naam Yoga, by Dr. Joseph Levry. Yoga has taught me the conscious application of Living Ethics,which requires the heart’s commitment to engage the mind to apply will, to harness the body matrix for wellness ant higher communion.

Jennifer Gutierrez ______

jennifer gutierrez Yoga Instructor Claremont

I was first introduced to yoga in 2003 as a student in college. My academic pursuits and early career in the high paced television news and entertainment industry pulled my focus away until I reconnected with the practice years later. Standing just under 5 feet, I am a petite powerhouse- a certified NASM personal trainer and former fitness-bikini competitor, I competed in the National Physique Committee for 3 years. After my time on national stages, I decided to start a family and with the birth of my second child, I returned to yoga as a form of healing postpartum. I first noticed changes in my strength and flexibility, but I was fully intrigued by the emotional benefits — including reduced stress and a better relationship with myself. I decided to enroll in teacher training at YogaWorks and dedicate myself to a daily yoga practice. As a result I have found a consistent connection to ease and freedom physically, mentally and spiritually. A dancer at heart, I am known for blending a traditional vinyasa practice with a rhythmic, modern twist. Connecting my students to the practice through intelligent and informed sequencing, compassionate, intentional adjustments, and relevant alignment instruction. I believes yoga is for everybody, and my positive, uplifting energy encourages self love and exploration on the mat. When I'm not on the mat, you can usually find me spending time with my husband and two young sons, hiking, or reading a good book.

Michael Morales ______

Michael Morales Yoga Instructor Claremont

I am a RYT-500 certified yoga instructor with additional certifications Reiki and children’s yoga. After my extensive background in sports, I began practicing yoga in 2013 and was intrigued by challenging poses and wondering what yoga could do for me. After beginning to practice, I was drawn to the amount of energy and lightness I felt after each class. Inspired by those who had taught me, I chose to complete teacher training with Cloud 9 yoga and began teaching yoga in 2014. I feel a sense of direction and purpose with teaching yoga and being able to do something that can benefit others. I teach Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Meditation and Acro-Yoga. I help people move their bodies safely and believe in a slow, strong practice. I aim to create a classroom space that is inclusive, and acknowledge that the same poses may look different for everyone. I desire to have a class that allows people to embody themselves exactly as they are in the moment. Yoga has given my life balance, as well as a sense of calmness and patience that has led me to be a more understanding person and I aim to help others feel the benefits I have felt from the practice of yoga.

Roz Baldwin ______

Roz Baldwin Yoga Instructor Claremont

Hi, I am Roz! mom, wife, fitness enthusiast, certified personal trainer and Pilates practitioner. Thirty-four years ago I began teaching group fitness, and to this day, I LOVE it! There is wonderful camaraderie, infectious energy and joy that comes with exercise and sharing workouts. I love to sweat and work hard, and movement not only feels good, it makes me happy …which is why I encourage you to "Do What Moves You!" I have found it to be the best anti-aging medicine there is, because, after all, "A body in motion stays in motion." I am also a big believer in quality over quantity. Many modes of training influence my teaching and personal practice, but the common thread you will find in all of my classes is a Pilates-based mindful approach to conditioning. My focus is on principles of alignment, breath, precision, and fluid, whole-body integration. I promise you will leave feeling connected and strong from the center out! Certifications: ACE/AFAA: Personal Trainer; AFAA: GroupX; The Physical Mind Institute: Mat and Standing Pilates; Balanced Body University: Pilates Mat thru Equipment; Other Training: LongBeachDanceConditioning TeacherTraining / Crossfit / SPIN / Kettlebell Concepts. Personal practice in yoga.

Alan Alcid ______

Yoga Instructor Claremont

For a long time, he just dabbled in yoga and would fit it in where he could, given a super busy schedule as a professional photographer, web programmer and a family man. I first unrolled my mat in 2007 and, in that moment, the course of my life was changed for the better. The practice and philosophy of yoga resonated immediately. With regular practice and study, it is woven into the fiber of my daily life. I have practiced Hot/Bikram Yoga for about 6 years now and have built a solid foundation of yoga postures through Tony Sanchez Training. I’m Core 26 and Core 40 certified instructor using the Bishnu Ghosh Lineage. I recently trained with Tymi Howard in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. My practice has been influenced by Kia Miller, Shiva Rae, Dharma Mitra, David Saul Raye and great artists like Krishna Das, MC Yogi, Jai Uttal, Jaya Lakshmi, Ananda, and Johanna Beekman. I’ve been involved and participated in Yoga Festivals such as, Sedona Yoga Festival, ShaktiFest, BhaktiFest and Telluride Yoga Festival and others. I’m currently finishing up an Ayurveda certification under Mas Vidal (Dancing Shiva). Peace and love, Alan

Bianca Whaley ______

Bianca Whaley Yoga Instructor

Bianca is a 200hr certified yoga instructor. She was trained in Vinyasa Flow by Katie Brauer and Danny Arguetty in San Diego, CA. Bianca is extremely passionate about yoga and she believes if you can breathe, then you can do yoga! She sees yoga as a beautiful practice that helps people become in tune with their bodies which helps them become more aware and mindful on and off that mat. Bianca offers a unique experience in her classes paired with dynamic sequencing that nourishes people’s being. She helps people make that leap from thinking about what they are doing in their practice to feeling what they are doing.

Monica Mathews ______

Monica Matthews Yoga Instructor

I am a registered EYRT 500 Yoga Instructor, receiving my first 200 hours of teacher training with Yoga Works. I also provide continuing education credits (YACEP) for Yin, Myofascial release and other specialties. I am also a certified aerobics and step instructor with AFAA, and personal trainer. Located in Southern California, I am the Lead Instructor for Teacher Training courses at the Yoga Unit, Claremont. I am an adjunct professor for the University of La Verne. I specialize in yoga for seniors and modifications for special populations. My published yoga practice manual “Yoga Wherever You Are” and companion DVD is available on my website: I am a certified Myofascial release practitioner with Erik Dalton. With 35 years’ experience teaching, I continue to be inspired by workshops with gifted master teachers such as David Swenson, Shiva Rea, Sharon Gannon and David Life, Kino MacGregor, Elise Browning Miller (specializing in yoga for scoliosis) and Baron Baptiste. I am committed to advancement of holistic health in the general population. Through my classes and workshops, I promote optimal health through the combination of practical, scientific, and yogic principles.

Sherylle White ______

Sherylle Tan White Yoga Instructor

I began her yoga journey in 2001 where I found much needed sense of peace and harmony in an often chaotic and stressful world. Quickly I fell in love with the practice of yoga and its holistic ability to inspire, energize, and center both the mind and body by building flexibility, balance, and strength. I decided to deepen her yoga practice by completing The Yoga Unit’s first teacher training. I then began sharing my love and appreciation of yoga with my students as a RYT 200 Yoga Instructor in 2014. My passion to teach yoga stems from my belief that yoga is for everyone. I share the beauty and benefits of yoga with others so that they can find balance and health through their own yoga practice. I teach restorative, yin, and vinyasa yoga for The Yoga Unit and Pitzer College. Sherylle also has a Ph.D. in psychology and my “day job” is as a research director at Claremont McKenna College where I do research and writes about women and leadership.

Yvette Baker______

Yvette Baker Yoga Instructor

Yvette is a 200 hr registered yoga teacher. She graduated from our very own teacher training here at The Yoga Unit. Yvette comes from a background of dance and gymnastics with a passion for many styles of fitness. She has practiced yoga for many years, along with Crossfit, hiking and other outdoor activities. After some traumatic changes in her personal life, Yvette found balance, peace and healing in her own yoga practice. She felt strongly at that point that she needed to share this love with others and made the choice to get certified! Yvette is an amazing yogi, phenomenal Crossfitter and all-around sweet person. She loves a challenge of teaching a level 2 class, but also finds peace of mind in balance in a restorative Or Yin class. She is excited to be a part of The Yoga Unit family and looks forward to sharing your yoga journey with you.

Diane Flowers______

Diane Flowers Yoga Instructor

After 25 years, I left full-time work in 2014 and haven’t looked back. I’ve always lived an active lifestyle and found movement is healing and necessary daily. After careers that required being physically fit and active daily, she found it hard to slow down: in stepped yoga.I had practiced yoga in support of my other activities for several years and now find yoga as a great means of transitioning to a new lifestyle. In 2016, I furthered my practice, completing my 200hr Teaching Training with Monica Mathews. My love of yoga brings depth to my life. It is very enjoyable seeing how yoga changes people’s lives for the better. I’m also a US Army veteran and completed the Warriors at Ease Level 1 Certification which focuses on yoga and meditation to support the health and healing of service members, veterans and their families. In 2018, 3 wonderful women partners and myself founded the non-profit Humble Warrior Wellness & Yoga, Inc which provides Wellness and Yoga Retreats for women veterans. Women Serving Women Who Served.

Erica Espitia______

Erica Espitia Yoga Instructor

Over a decade ago I was introduced to in my first year of college. It has helped me grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each day serving others. I completed myr 200 RYT hot vinyasa certification with Core Power Yoga in 2013 and have been sharing the practice with others ever since. An interest in Ayurveda, the sister science of life, led me on a path of self-study and a health transformation. I continue to incorporate Ayurveda, nutrition and exercise into my daily life. Understanding that yoga is much more than a physical practice, I became a certified power, yin, restorative, prenatal, and chair yoga instructor. I have also completed a certification from Loyola Marymount with a focus in yoga, mindfulness and social change. When not in the studio, I may be enjoying a cup of tea, a new book, or enjoying true connectedness with nature on a hike. In my classes you will experience mindfulness and modifications to honor your body as it is. It brings me joy to serve others by providing a safe space where breath and movement are used to create balance and restoration.

Kelly Pellizon______

Kelly Pellizon Yoga Instructor

I am a 200 hour Vinyasa Flow certified yoga teacher. I also have a 100 hour Yin yoga certification. My training was completed with Monica Mathews right here at The Yoga Unit. I began taking yoga as a way to relieve anxiety and stress and became hooked when I participated in a 30 day challenge. That deepened my practice and changed my mindset about yoga. Realizing that some of the poses that seemed too advanced could become accessible through patience, proper progression and practice. Changing my mindset to “why not me” enabled me to enjoy practicing in a whole new way. My favorite classes are flow with challenging poses, but I also love a Yin class and soaking poses. Watching and assisting a student try something new and see their surprise at with what they are capable of, is one of my favorite things about teaching.

Michael Llanera______

Michael Llanera Yoga Instructor

I am a graduate from our very own 200- Hour Teacher Training Program and have additional trainings in Yin Yoga and Wanderlust-Style Vinyasa. I teach Kula-inspired Flow classes. I focus on alignment, with creative and efficient sequencing. I aim to inspire creativity in your own practice by using props in a variety of unique and effective ways. I am invested in being a devoted and ever-evolving student of the practice. I love to study and introduce different influences in class and personalize the practice with Taoism, Sacred Geometry and Universal Magic. Come with an open heart and a willingness to explore and reformat old patterns in the body, and leave feeling reinvigorated.

Tonya Morton ______

Tonya Morton Yoga Instructor

I am a 200 hour certified yoga instructor that earned my Yoga Alliance certification hours from Monica Mathews at The Yoga Unit. I am also a certified Lotte Berk Method barre instructor. I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years and have a love for all things fitness. My love for fitness started at an early age and I thrive on activity that is fun, challenging and fulfilling. In addition to yoga, I also have a passion for weight training, hiking and any activity that will push my limits. When I am not in the studio, I am keeping my 3 energetic bulldog pups in shape with daily walks and hikes. I’ve created a Barre Fusion Yoga Flow and also teach Vinyasa Flow. Come prepared to break a sweat and have fun in the process!

Jen Little ______

jen Popma Yoga Instructor Claremont

Hi, I’m Jen Little, a lover of dance and music. I come with a background in dance, gymnastics as well as 17 years of weight training. I am a 200-RYT with an additional 100 hours of YIN. My first experience with yoga in 2008 inspired me to uplift my body, mind and soul. I would never have anticipated the serenity practicing yoga would bring upon me. From that moment on, it became a part of my life. I realized how yoga benefited me not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I feel that yoga has no age limit, which motivates and inspires me . I appreciate the tranquility it has brought to my life, and my hope is to bring this to others. My passion for music allows me to express myself, I bring a unique style to the mat whether it is yin rolling or vinyasa…you will feel challenged as well as restored. In my free time you can find me outdoors with my family, or enjoying a hike on a beautiful day with my 2 fur babies.