Yoga Etiquette: Five Unspoken Rules that You Need to Know

Yoga promotes mental and physical fitness. It is a spiritual and ascetic discipline that combines the power of stretching and strengthening poses with meditation. It is a perfect way to silence your inner chatter; however, have you ever felt that you did everything in yoga class excluding that?Walking into a yoga studio for the very first time can be intimidating and you may feel like out of place.

One approach to help calm your nerves is to learn and understand about basic yoga etiquette. Here are a couple of the most common ‘rules’ that will turn your first practice into a pleasant experience for you as well others.

Rule #1: Keep your Smartphones or Tablets off and away

It is obvious to switch your mobile off or put it on the airplane mode during the yoga class. But students frequently use their cell phones to check Facebook, Instagram, or for other purposes. Some trainees prop their phones up next to the mat. Some of them even record the entire session without their teacher’s permission, which is quite similar to stealing. So, it's necessary to disconnect yourself from the outer world for at least 45 to 60 minutes. By doing so,you can concentrate on your practice, and won’t disturb others too.

Rule #2: Don’t gossip during or before class

Always remember, your sole purpose of attending a yoga class is to improve your physical fitness and mental health, and not to engage in the latest gossip. Nobody wants to hear about Nicolle’s love life and the fact that she missed a week of yoga class because she was on a special date with her boyfriend. So, let it be like that. Both, the yoga place and your mind should be filled with positive energy rather than riddled with negativity and rumors.

Rule #3: An important principle of yoga: follow the sequence

As a beginner yogi, you should stick to your teacher’s instructions as they are crafted to help you move safely from one exercise to another. It is perfectly fine to create your own modification of a yoga pose. But that doesn’t mean you start performing warrior III while everyone else in the class is still on warrior I. When you steer too far from the instructions, you put yourself and possibly others at risk. You need to question yourself the reason why you are in a group class. Remember, even if you are advanced and fast, you need to practice solidarity with your classmates.

Rule #4: Be clean and keep your yoga props well-organized

Many yoga centers encourage the use of yoga props such as blocks, straps, and blankets. But most of the students don’t clean their props after the session. Placing things haphazardly on the floor can be dangerous for anyone who is walking around the place. So, make sure to keep your stuff well-organized by your mat and return them after the class. Also, before coming to the studio, be mindful of your body odors, excess perfume, and sweat.

Rule #5: Don’t enter the class with your Foot gear on!

It doesn’t matter whether you like or dislike to take your footwear off, but you need to remove them before entering the yoga center. Neither should you step on your mat nor practice yoga with your shoes or socks on. It is something that goes back thousands of years but still continues today.

Performing yoga barefooted improves physical fitness, strengthens the arches of your feet, and develops the ability to tune in to your emotions and feelings. If you are worried about a hygiene issue, then keep your socks on while walking around and take them off once you are on your mat.

All these tips are simple common sense and courtesy. However, for yoga studio, these manners matter the most and are seen as a sign of respect.

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