Tough day at work? Take a Refreshing Break with Yoga for Lunch

Nowadays, many of us work for at least 8-9 hours a day, some even longer! There are times when a deadline is just around the corner and you’re buried with tons of work. In addition to this, we also spend a lot of time on mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc., all resulting in stress.

This excessive stress not only takes a toll on our health, but also leads to a panic attack in extreme cases. This is where Yoga for Lunch can act as an aid for us to stay healthy while handling stressful situations with a calm & composed mind.

This style of yoga often includes a short session which anyone can be a part of during mid-day breaks. We feel active during the first half of the day, but this energy losses its way halfway through the day, doesn’t it? Well, we can address this issue by having a yoga treat during lunch time.

It helps us to de-stress in the middle of the day with the help of various poses. Further, it assists us in finding the right balance between ‘pranayama’ (or breathe) and ‘asana’ (or poses). Following is a whole bunch of benefits which you can derive from afternoon meal time yoga: -

  • Increases mental clarity

A lot of seasoned yogis are of the opinion that having a little yoga will give a considerable boost to your focus. It is a great way to give your mind a much-needed break, and get a head start for the remaining tasks of the day. As a result, you become well-equipped to concentrate on work and perform with a high level of efficiency.

  • Provides mini-workout

Similar to Align & Flow Yoga, lunchtime yoga involves a number of easy poses. As many people don’t get sufficient time to work out, the numerous twists and bends which lunchtime yoga incorporates effectively detoxifies their body and speeds up the digestion process. It also burns the extra fats, thus, helping the practitioner get a flat tummy.

  • Works as a positive social time

You can enjoy your yoga break a lot more if you take one of your colleagues along. This way you can garner all the health benefits of yoga and also have a positive interaction with your yoga partner. As you focus on your body’s alignment and breathing, you enter a state of meditation. As a result, you have a more meaningful conversation instead of irrelevant chit-chat.

  • Improves mood

There are a plethora of things that can upset you at workplace. It could be a new policy, comment of your boss/colleague, and so on. This can get the better of you, and you might say or do something you will regret later. Yoga aids you to get back on the positive track and see past the temporary setbacks. It wipes the slate clean and allows you to look at the bigger picture.

These are some of the lucrative advantages of having Yoga for Lunch. It is not just a small exercise regimen that you follow for staying healthy, but a re energizing sequence of different poses which increase your metabolism, restore energy, and keep you invigorated for the rest of the day. We promise that you will notice a significant rise in your energy, enthusiasm, and productivity.

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