Things to Remember Before Enrolling in a Yoga Teacher Training Course

The practice of yoga is infectious; you start from one class, and after a few months, you are already in a serious affair with yoga. The trend and popularity of yoga continue to increase throughout the globe, so as the demand of yoga teachers.

If you are thinking of enrolling in a yoga teacher training course, then here is some food for thought:

Renounce the fruits of your actions

Let’s face it, nothing can fully prepare you for what lies ahead. No matter how good you think you are, it is impossible to become a yogi master during yoga teacher training (YTT). The way of practicing yoga always changes with time; what you learn during your training period will change in a few years.That’s why when you decide to embark on this journey, remember that all you can do is give your best.

Give up yourself unto the moment. Releasing your expectations and joining the course with a fresh perspective will help enrich your life and enhance your experience.

Everything you DO – DO it for yourself

Set your intention: It is the starting point to manifesting your goals and visions into reality! Before the beginning of the class, identify and set your objective.

Cry to be stronger: Believe it or not, there’s going to be a lot of crying. You may feel your fears and tears getting out of control. Whether it is from nervousness, discomfort, or intense pain, always remember, crying is often a big part of yoga classes. But in the end, you feel stronger and understand the real power of yoga. So, allow yourself to feel your emotions and be vulnerable during hard times.

Look after yourself: Yoga may not be a high-impact sport, but potential injuries may occur if exercises are not performed correctly. Some of the most common injuries include hamstring strains, wrist pain, and lower-back pain.

Empty your cup

In Zen Buddhism, there is a concept called Shoshin. It means ‘beginner’s mind’ which refers to the eagerness of learning, an attitude of openness, and lack of expectations. There is an old maxim that says you can’t fill a cup that is already full. The same way you can’t learn if your mind is already full. In order to learn new things and skills, you need to free your mind of unwanted thoughts.

There may be many postures, words, and topics that you don’t know about. But it’s okay! Think of it as an exploration – be curious, seek knowledge, and make mistakes. If you feel confused or lost at some point, then ask your mentors or peers for advice. And most importantly, keep your thinking cap on to nail your training!

Be prepared for a bumpy ride

One moment you feel you’re on the top of the world, and the next you think about running away. Let this happen and take regular breaks.

There will be times when you –

  • Come face to face with the beliefs and insecurities that limit you;
  • Feel like you can’t learn and focus anymore, and;
  • Are in pain both physically and mentally.

At those times, it’s a good idea to spend quality time doing something entirely unrelated to yoga such as–

  • Taking a long stroll;
  • Cooking a healthy meal;
  • Watching your favorite movie;
  • Joining your friends for a night out.

“Do Anything You Want To Do.”

And by the end of this yoga teacher training program, there will be a sparkle in your eyes, and you will shine bright like a diamond.

 Always remember,“Oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.”

Confronting with different personalities

Author Stephen R. Covey shared his successful idea, i.e. 90/10 principle that leads to a better life. According to it, “life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it.”

People are inherently and genetically different from one another. To be fair, doing intense training while spending long hours with different characters can teach you a valuable lesson about tolerance. It’s very important to understand that everyone has their idiosyncrasies and priorities.

Here are some useful tips to handle different personality types:

  • Whether you have a difficulty with a fellow student or teacher, find it’s reasons;
  • Learn to respond, not react in a situation;
  • Stay calm and listen carefully to others;
  • Keep in mind that it is not a battle;
  • Don’t take anything personal, and;
  • Never forget RESPECTR=Respect;E=Ethics;S=Sportsmanship;P=Peace; E=Empathize;C=Communication;T=Together.

Reminder: The journey has just begun

You have come a long way, yet this is only the beginning. Yoga is not about showing up, mastering the most difficult poses, or drinking coconut water. It is about 25 percent of your knowledge, 25 percent of efforts, and 50 percent of the experience that you will gain once you start teaching.

So, remember your aim, teach from your heart, be passionate, share what you know with others, and continue to grow.

There are many yoga teacher training centers in Claremont that offer advanced and comprehensive courses to help you become a yoga master and deepen your practice.

Enjoy the journey!!

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