How to Make Yoga Even More Fun Than It Is

If there’s one thing that makes yoga fun, it is the fact that it is one of the most effective stress busters there is. It is also possibly the most beneficial form of physical exercise of them all in light of how yoga makes you:

• Slimmer
• Stronger
• More Agile
• More Focused
• More Vital

• More Immune to ailments

…the list goes on. There’s no denying that yoga is fun. That said, there are many ways, you can make it even more fun! Take a look.

Give Energy Boosting Yoga a Go

Energy boosting yoga mainly involves performing poses such as the bridge pose, camel pose, copra pose and such. Such poses release tension from muscle groups, stimulate them and release a ton of energy in your body. Not only will that help you conquer every day and all its physically demanding challenges but will also vitalize you to point that you’d want to jump up and down like crazy.

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Tag a Friend or Your Spouse Along

Some people prefer to do yoga by themselves; yoga does, after all, bring you closer to your inner self. Still, yoga is equally enjoyable with friends or if you have a spouse, there are many Yoga poses and moves you can perform with them, and of course, there’s nothing like discussing everything you loved about the class with them afterwards.

Try a New Yoga Pose

This will come in handy for someone that has been doing yoga for a long time. There are 84 basic poses of yoga and thousands of others; there’s always something new to try. Also, perfecting every pose and being able to hold them for several minutes takes a long time, sometimes years, so rest assured, if you want to be ‘the ultimate yogi’, you’ll have your hands full.

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Mini Challenges

After or during practice, do as many hand stands as you can or hold a certain pose for as long as you can or stretch as far as you could, doing a split. There are countless challenges you can create for yourself within the realm of yoga. To make things even more interesting, you could even see how you fair against your friends. There are plenty of yogis out there that started practicing yoga as a hobby but ultimately made it a way of life. We invite you to come see for yourself what the fuss is all about.