Food for Yoga; Eating Clean to Enhance your Experience on the Mat

Clean eating habits and yoga go hand in hand like you and your yoga mat. Yoga boosts the performance of your vital organs, boosts metabolism, beats stress, tones flabby areas and gives you an ample supply of energy to last through the day. Practicing yoga everyday will ultimately make you a much more mentally and physically sound. If you want to get to that level faster, you should pay attention to your diet. Read on for more.

Practice yoga on an empty stomach; Here’s why

This piece of information may not be new to you; most of us already know yoga is to be done on an empty stomach. In case you’ve wondered why you should be doing physical activity with nothing in the tank, here’s the answer:

The main principle behind waiting a few hours before performing yoga is to have an empty colon beforehand. According to ancient Indian texts, a clean colon is the foundation for a disease-free body. If we don’t eat healthy food, our colons will not be clean or healthy. This also explains how consumers of meat and dairy are prone to more ailments than vegans; non-vegetarian food takes longer to pass through your colon.

Food You Can Eat Before Yoga

You could take some mint, almonds or turmeric balls if you want.

But we usually need to eat before exercising, so why not with Yoga?

The difference is that yoga’s not like traditional ‘exercising’. Yoga is more of a practice to restructure your system.

What to Eat Throughout the day?

Plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains, stay away from meat and dairy as much as possible. You can also look for special ‘yoga food’ recipes if you like to cook. A meat and dairy free diet works wonders for both Yoga and Meditation.

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