Aerial Yoga – An Ingenious Fusion of Traditional Yoga & Modern Acrobatics

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or first-timer, the idea of exercising mid-air can seem a bit … odd. But do not worry. Aerial Yoga does not mean you will be hanging upside down on a trapeze. Instead, your body will be supported by a soft hammock which lets gravity do most of the work.

Our body is like a machine which needs regular upkeep in order to stay in its best shape. If visiting the repair shop (hospital) is not on the top of your bucket list, then you need to work on your health and fitness by taking a healthy diet, exercising regularly, sleeping on time, etc.

Fall short on any of them and you could be looking at serious health issues that can adversely affect your lifestyle. Today’s life is laden with hectic schedules, stress, responsibilities, and more, which creates an imbalance between health and personal or professional commitments.

Most people already have a lot on their plate, which leaves them with little to no time to focus on fitness. This is where our very own aerial ‘asanas’ step into the picture.

What is Aerial Yoga?

It is a form of yoga which takes a refreshing and re energizing approach to woo the on-lookers. Also known as anti-gravity yoga, it is a totally new and refreshing form of yoga which makes you feel and look better than ever, thanks to the new found confidence you gain.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the benefits which it offers:

  • Makes you more flexible and focused;
  • Strengthens your muscles and alleviates stress;
  • Engages all your muscles, which provides an all-round workout;
  • Eases tension in spine and joints;
  • Reduces the risk of heart problems and has anti-aging properties;
  • Improves blood circulation and detoxifies the body;
  • Strengthens and stretches the body;
  • Builds mobility;
  • Provides peace of mind;
  • Builds core and upper body strength;
  • Renews energy.

What makes it different?

Aerial Yoga is unlike any exercise regimen.It does not involve a boring and monotonous exercise routine. It ingeniously infuses a wide variety of exercises along with Aerial Acrobatics, Calisthenics, Dancing, Pilates, and of course Yoga!

This type of yoga aims to provide a full-body workout with the help of a hammock that keeps you around 2-3 feet above the ground. Interestingly, it is this hammock-based levitation which sets it apart from the regular form of yoga.

The hammock here behaves like a soft trapeze or swing which provides more flexibility and ease of movement. This way, it allows practitioners to understand their body and perform all the poses without hassle. On the other hand, traditional yoga’s sole purpose is to calm the nervous system through numerous breathing and stretching exercises.

Thanks to its fun and highly effective nature, this form is spreading like wildfire in all parts of the world. As a result, almost every health center and yoga studio now offer specialized anti-gravity yoga programs with dedicated instructors.

These exercises are designed in such a way that even beginners can perform them with relative ease and still reap the complete benefits. Furthermore, they award you with a long and healthy life without any strenuous exercise. It just cannot get any better, can it? So, what are you waiting for? To book an Aerial Yoga class in Rancho Cucamonga, forward your queries

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