6 Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Practicing Yoga

We all live in an era where life has become extremely stressful. Workload, responsibilities, etc. are some of the numerous sources of stress, and this affects both the spheres of our life - Physical and Emotional.

Slowly, it is becoming a global phenomenon, and the question which arises here is how can one effectively deal with this issue and live a fruitful life? Fortunately, we have a centuries old tool in our arsenal which can easily combat stress – Yoga.

It improves the body posture, increases strength & endurance and also helps to relax the mind with the help of ‘asanas’ or poses. You should check out the yoga class descriptions in Claremont and register for the same, so that you too can avail all these benefits.

Some people are not able to avail all the advantages of practicing yoga because of a few things. Below is a list of 6 tips which we have compiled to enable you to get the most out of your yoga sessions. These are: -

1. Comfortable Attire

One of the most important things you have to keep in mind before practicing yoga is that you must wear comfortable clothes. They should be loose enough, but it is important to keep check that they do not hinder the movement of your body in any way. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform the poses in a correct manner and reach the set target.

2. Check on your Yoga Smile-meter

When you perform various yoga poses,it leaves a smile on your face. If the smile vanishes while performing a stretch, then it is a strong possibility that you are probably not executing it correctly. You might be either stretching too much or simply not comfortable enough. The solution is to re-adjust your body and bring back that smile which is also a symbol of everything being smooth and comfortable. Beginners should join yoga classes in Ontario in order to learn the basics.

3. Regular Practice

Yoga is greatly beneficial for fitness & health but in order to avail those rewards, you will have to be patient and dedicated. Nothing is going to happen overnight so do not expect instant results. You will have to practice on regular basis to get the desired results. Take a look at the yoga class descriptions in Claremont to know about various sessions throughout the day.

4. Respect towards Your Body Limits

Some people might be able to perform poses more accurately, as they are more flexible or experienced. You should not compare yourself to them. Just try to perform poses as much as you your body allows without crossing the limits of your body. You do not have to push yourself too hard or be lethargic. You just need to practice comfortably to get the best results.

5. Improvement in the Intensity of Asanas

The thumb rule is that you do not have to over-exert your body and perform the poses. However, you must gradually increase the intensity of the asanas to multiply the benefits of practicing yoga. Challenge your limits slowly and this will make the practice more interesting and also help in adapting new poses.

6. Light Diet

It is advised that one must practice yoga with an empty stomach or at least 2-3 hours after the meal. If you practice immediately after having a meal, you will not be able to perform the poses efficiently as your energy will be diverted towards digestion of the consumed food. As a result, you will not feel comfortable and reap the benefits of yoga.

Yoga imparts a positive outlook that allows you to easily overcome hurdles instead of putting you under stress. You should start practicing yoga under the supervision of a well-trained teacher. In fact, you can start planning your practice right away by taking a look at the yoga class descriptions in Claremont. Happy practicing!

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