5 Ways to Get Back in Shape through Yoga

We all want to be physically fit and sound, aren't we? However, what steps do we take to do so? We plan to workout which just wilts as days pass by. The activities we need to execute are extreme and the outcomes require some time so this stalls us.

Yoga for losing weight is a viable option as it has various forms that one can use to reduce weight, enhance body structure while keeping the soul and mind uplifted to its best. Staying fit will likewise construct self-regard and lessen the anxiety levels. Let’s take a look at some of the yoga poses that can help us reduce body weight:

Yoga Warrior Pose:The Warrior Pose is one of the best yoga postures for weight reduction that fortifies and tones the arms, shoulders, thighs and back muscles – all at the same time. It is a compelling pose for individuals with back-pain issues. This is useful for expanding overall balance and stamina of a body.


Yoga Chair Pose: The Chair Pose is known as one of the most effective practices that fortifies and tones the muscles of gluts, hips, back and mid-section alongside with the lower leg area and knee muscles. It additionally reinforces the lower and middle back and helps to bring the determination in mind. In this pose, the body shows up as a seat and it requires a considerable measure of stamina. You may feel uneasiness in your legs in first few days upon its practice. However continuing it routinely will help you achieve flexibility without any pain.


Yoga Bridge Pose: Boat Pose includes the forcedly pressed flat tummy practice that helps remove fat from the abdominal are awhile keeping it toned.It also reinforces the muscular strength alongside the hip flexors and spine. It additionally conditions the arm and leg muscles, and helps in fortifying the thyroid organs and kidneys.It is also known as one of the best yoga practices for neck pain. bridge-pose-better-posture-yoga-300x240  

Yoga Cobbler’s Pose: The Cobbler's Pose is an easy and simple yoga exercise for weight reduction that can be done by rookies too. This conditions the lower part of the body by stimulating the muscular strength and organs while extending the inner thighs, knees and crotch. It likewise helps in treating infertility, asthma, wretchedness and tension.


Yoga Locust Pose: The Locust Pose is viewed as one of the most common yoga practices for losing weight because it helps extend the whole body right from the thorax to the belly, upper back, lower back and backside. The adaptability attained through its practice aids in upgrading the flexibility of the back, arms and legs.


These yoga postures ought to be consolidated with a proper diet plan so as to dispense with the fat saved in your body and let you have a fit and lighter body. These postures help in toning your figure as well as assist you in case of constipation, stress and nervous tension. Taking these yoga postures for weight reduction will help you get a sound mind and body.

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