3 Incredibly Simple Tips to get a Long, Deep Sleep Every Night

You know that refreshing feeling you get after waking up from a good night’s sleep? Imagine if everyday was like that? Think how much happier and more productive you’ll be. A great state of mind aside, you’d even look better – better hair, younger skin, eyes and so much more. Unfortunately, very few people out there sleep for as long or as well as they should and some even struggle to get any sleep at all. That doesn’t have to be you, and if it is, it doesn’t have to be, any longer. Here are 5 easy-to-follow-tips for better sleep every night.

1) Night Routine

It’s half past eleven, you just got done watching two back to back episodes of Game of Thrones on your computer. You should probably sleep now but you want to post your views about Jon Snow on a GOT forum online. The next thing you know its 2 AM and you’re watching animal fails on YouTube and by the time the clock says 3, you’re reading an article on nuclear fusion for some reason. It doesn’t matter how late you sleep because you have to show up for work by 9 AM in all cases. No wonder you don’t get enough sleep.


There’s one thing that could help though! A night routine! What if every night at 10 30 or whatever suits you, you tidy up your room, have a cup of herbal tea, brush your teeth, watch one (and I mean one) funny video online and get all tucked up for bedtime. Of course, your night routine could be something entirely different but the important thing to remember is to follow it every night at a fixed time without fail.

2) Yoga

Yoga improves your sleep in so many ways; it’s like a gift from the sleep Gods themselves. One of the main reasons behind insomnia is redundant energy during bedtime. If age is on your side or you drink too much coffee and don’t indulge in enough physical activity, chances are you’re tossing and turning every night, begging sleep to that thing it does. Yoga will help you get rid of that extra energy or rather utilize it in a productive way. Yoga will also help you:


  • Open your mind
  • Find inner peace
  • Beat Stress
  • Connect with yourself

… all of which helps sleep better.  

That’s not all though, Yoga keeps your muscle groups stimulated, blood flowing and vital organs healthy. In other words, do yoga for an hour every day and you’ll sleep like a log every night.

3) Eating Clean

Poor eating habits come in many forms. Whether we talk about the idea of inhaling absurdly large portions of food in one sitting, without even chewing it properly or eating more meat and dairy products than we should or simply eating excessive amount of junk food and not enough green vegetables; all of those count as poor eating habits.


The sad part is, we already know what ‘eating clean’ means – balanced diet, whole grain breads, fruits, vegetables, green salads, ample gap between meals, no or slightest of alcohol but we simply don’t care enough to follow the rules. Perhaps, you will once you see the incredible impact reducing snack time and increasing healthy eating time has on your sleep.

Here’s hoping you get to spend as much quality time with your bed and blanket as you want to every night.

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