4 Common Misconceptions about Aerial Yoga Revealed

‘Anti-gravity yoga’ or ‘aerial yoga’ is a broad term that covers a whole bunch of various activities. It is a great option if you need a thrilling escape from your regular boring yoga routine. Also, this refreshing and re-energizing approach helps you to attain the next level of your aerial career, without any pressure. Even if you are not a yoga geek, it is a fun way to challenge your physical and mental potential in a safe environment. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about this form of yoga that discourage people from exploring the practice. Here, we have outlined the fo..... See More

Yoga Etiquette: Five Unspoken Rules that You Need to Know

Yoga promotes mental and physical fitness. It is a spiritual and ascetic discipline that combines the power of stretching and strengthening poses with meditation. It is a perfect way to silence your inner chatter; however, have you ever felt that you did everything in yoga class excluding that?Walking into a yoga studio for the very first time can be intimidating and you may feel like out of place. One approach to help calm your nerves is to learn and understand about basic yoga etiquette. Here are a couple of the most common ‘rules’ that will turn your first practice into a pleasant expe..... See More

Things to Remember Before Enrolling in a Yoga Teacher Training Course

The practice of yoga is infectious; you start from one class, and after a few months, you are already in a serious affair with yoga. The trend and popularity of yoga continue to increase throughout the globe, so as the demand of yoga teachers. If you are thinking of enrolling in a yoga teacher training course, then here is some food for thought: Renounce the fruits of your actions Let’s face it, nothing can fully prepare you for what lies ahead. No matter how good you think you are, it is impossible to become a yogi master during yoga teacher training (YTT). The way of practicing yoga alw..... See More

Is it Safe to Practice Yoga during Pregnancy?

Have you ever heard of maternal yoga? If you recently conceived, then many fellow mommies might have suggested you to give it a shot. This does not come as a surprise, given the numerous benefits new mothers can avail from yoga, including: Increasing brain activity Improving body posture Fighting Postpartum Depression (PPD) … and so on! You can find out more on the same in one of our earlier blogs. Long story short, practicing yoga after delivery can help your body to heal. Furthermore, it calms you down and imparts a wave of energy which allows you to take care of your newb..... See More

Aerial Yoga – An Ingenious Fusion of Traditional Yoga & Modern Acrobatics

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or first-timer, the idea of exercising mid-air can seem a bit … odd. But do not worry. Aerial Yoga does not mean you will be hanging upside down on a trapeze. Instead, your body will be supported by a soft hammock which lets gravity do most of the work. Our body is like a machine which needs regular upkeep in order to stay in its best shape. If visiting the repair shop (hospital) is not on the top of your bucket list, then you need to work on your health and fitness by taking a healthy diet, exercising regularly, sleeping on time, etc. Fall short on any of t..... See More

4 Reasons Why Every Young Mom Should Practice Yoga

Whenever people think about yoga, they envision a bunch of fit and flexible people bending their bodies in ways that could give them nightmares. The common people are not at fault here if they feel like that is THE WAY one is supposed to practice yoga. The primary factor which shaped this public opinion is the manner in which yoga has been marketed in newspapers, TV commercials, etc. However, it does not portray the complete truth. While some extreme poses do exist, they are reserved only for the advanced practitioners. If you are a new mom, you obviously would not want to do anything that w..... See More

How to Introduce Your Children to the Fascinating World of Yoga

Yoga has quickly made a name for itself throughout the world, thanks to the countless benefits it offers. If you are someone who have shook hands with yoga and experienced its life transforming changes, you will probably want to pass them on to your children. There are many caring parents like you who want their little ones to join Kids Yoga Classes in Rancho Cucamonga. While several benefits like improved flexibility and strength are a big part of yoga’s charm, it also helps anxious kids to combat everyday stress effectively. “Stress? At such a young age? How is that possible?” Well,..... See More

5 Things Yoga Instructors Wished Practitioners Knew

Yoga is one such term which is spreading like wild fire nowadays, and why wouldn’t it be? After all, it offers so many benefits on physical, mental, and emotional levels. As a matter of fact, if we tried listing all of them here, this post would have been left to a mere list! Because of this reason, many people decide to try yoga every day. They join yoga classes in Ontario to cash in on all the rewards of practicing yoga. However, they are so fixated on availing the advantages that they remain oblivious to some important yoga studio etiquettes. It is not just the beginners but also some s..... See More

Tough day at work? Take a Refreshing Break with Yoga for Lunch

Nowadays, many of us work for at least 8-9 hours a day, some even longer! There are times when a deadline is just around the corner and you’re buried with tons of work. In addition to this, we also spend a lot of time on mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc., all resulting in stress. This excessive stress not only takes a toll on our health, but also leads to a panic attack in extreme cases. This is where Yoga for Lunch can act as an aid for us to stay healthy while handling stressful situations with a calm & composed mind. This style of yoga often includes a short session which anyo..... See More

How Yoga Can Help Us Become More Flexible Than Ever

As we age, our muscles lose strength and become less supple. This reduces the range of movements around the joints which further leads to stiffness. The reason behind this whole fiasco is the loss of elasticity or flexibility of the muscles. This reduction of flexibility can be attributed to our hectic lifestyle as well as heavy dependence on technology. The point here is that our physical movement has drastically reduced over the years and as a result, our bodies are wearing out prematurely. If we don’t get a grip on our reducing flexibility, then there is a strong chance that situation w..... See More

Steps To Become a Certified Yoga Instructor

In the earlier times, the longing for higher fitness level, longer life, and greater self-control gave birth to a highly unique system of physical & mental exercises called Yoga. It is an ancient art whose origin can be traced back to over five thousand years.The literal meaning of the word “yoga” is “to join together,” which is exactly what it does. It helps in establishing a perfect sync between the mind & body for a more peaceful experience. Living in the 21stcentury, we often find ourselves overburdened with stress and responsibilities. A large number of people have learne..... See More

Why You Should Add Yoga to Your Daily Schedule

The literal meaning of the term ‘yoga’ is ‘union’, and this is what it has been developed for–the unification of the physical and psychological being. It’s a centuries-old discipline which originated in India, and it involves different poses & breathing exercises which assist an individual in staying at the best of his/her health. Around 90% of the people follow yoga for stress relief, flexibility, fitness, etc. However, over 85% of them undergo a change of heart about their primary reason for practicing yoga; it’s because yoga provides a sense of fulfillment which makes the..... See More

6 Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Practicing Yoga

We all live in an era where life has become extremely stressful. Workload, responsibilities, etc. are some of the numerous sources of stress, and this affects both the spheres of our life - Physical and Emotional. Slowly, it is becoming a global phenomenon, and the question which arises here is how can one effectively deal with this issue and live a fruitful life? Fortunately, we have a centuries old tool in our arsenal which can easily combat stress – Yoga. It improves the body posture, increases strength & endurance and also helps to relax the mind with the help of ‘asanas’ o..... See More

5 Reasons That Make Yoga the Best Workout

With the advancement in science and technology, our life has become simple. Gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. allow us to stay connected 24/7. It is a great development, but it also has a downside. Technology has considerably reduced our physical & mental activities and people spent a great deal of time on the screens. For instance, people fiddle with their gadgets even when going for morning walks, waking up and checking their messages & e-mails, before everything else. Basically the point is that keeping our body fit and healthy has become tough. However, there is ..... See More

Private Yoga Session – Get a Step Closer To Yoga

Do you know that in the past, yoga was taught individually? Today, with the rise in yoga popularity, most of the yoga studios have combined their yoga classes in order to make it more accessible for practitioners.But the fact is that it overlooks the practice of an individual, who wants to build a strong yoga base, or his/her yoga postures more advance. Well, there are several benefits of group yoga classes that people can gain, but to take the following benefits, private yoga sessions seem to be an ideal choice to go for. The Health Benefits Joining private yoga classes in Rancho Cucamonga ..... See More

5 Ways to Get Back in Shape through Yoga

We all want to be physically fit and sound, aren't we? However, what steps do we take to do so? We plan to workout which just wilts as days pass by. The activities we need to execute are extreme and the outcomes require some time so this stalls us. Yoga for losing weight is a viable option as it has various forms that one can use to reduce weight, enhance body structure while keeping the soul and mind uplifted to its best. Staying fit will likewise construct self-regard and lessen the anxiety levels. Let’s take a look at some of the yoga poses that can help us reduce body weight: Yoga ..... See More

Yoga For Strength Training – A Beginner’s Guide

There’s no denying the fact that yoga’s usefulness extends far beyond just strength training. However, many people are interested in an activity that primarily focuses on strength training and aren’t sure if yoga will be as effective as their other options. . In this post, we discuss the role yoga plays in effective strength training. Does Yoga increase Strength? Yes. You may wonder how that’s possible when you’re not lifting any weights, but the catch is that you are – your body. So, apart from stimulating your vital organs and boosting your body’s internal performance, yog..... See More

5 Easy for Ways to Boost Heart Health

An unhealthy lifestyle impacts your heart before most other organs of your body. Fortunately, there’s a problem for every solution and this one is no different. By making some basic changes to their lifestyle, we can keep their heart young and ticking. Read On. Reduce Stress - It’s Simple Stress is the number one enemy of cardiovascular health. Stress increases your heart rate and blood pressure. If not controlled, it also changes your behavioral pattern to become even more stress inducing and heart health deteriorating – screaming, worrying, pacing around, smoking and so on. So inst..... See More

Kundalini Yoga

Yoga means ‘union’and Kundali means ‘circle’. Kundalini yoga is all about the coming together of the body, mind and soul for arousal of true consciousness. This yoga is less about body movements, postures and asana and more about creating a circle of self-realization and self-discipline. The guiding principle behind this yoga is unique, ‘arousing the sleeping serpent though not without its dangers, may hold the key to the latent genius inside us.’ Now what can we do to awaken the genius inside us? Perhaps the one true answer is kundalini yoga which is a combination of certain syste..... See More

5 Yoga Poses To Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for visiting the doctor. On average, every second person suffers from some kind of a back ailment. Anatomically, the spine is made up of several vertebras, ligaments and muscles. There are intervertebral discs made of hard stuff known as cartilage which works as a cushion between two vertebrae. Back pain can be beaten by strengthening the back, stretching it and making it more flexible and yoga helps with all three. Here are some yoga poses that are highly recommended for getting relief from back pain. Spine Stretching Pose Doing stretching ..... See More

This Post Will Make You Enroll Your Kid in a Yoga Workshop Right Now

Yoga has never been more popular than now. People of all ages and from all walks of life seem to understand how beneficial it is for their health and wellbeing. Everyone from a kid to a senior citizen can enroll themselves in a yoga class that is specifically meant for their age group. Kids stand to benefit greatly through yoga If we get down to doing a ball by ball comparison of the stresses in an average kid’s life with those of an average adult, a kid may very well be the unfortunate winner. Talk about education, relationships, sports, peers, parents – there’s pressure, literall..... See More

Food for Yoga; Eating Clean to Enhance your Experience on the Mat

Clean eating habits and yoga go hand in hand like you and your yoga mat. Yoga boosts the performance of your vital organs, boosts metabolism, beats stress, tones flabby areas and gives you an ample supply of energy to last through the day. Practicing yoga everyday will ultimately make you a much more mentally and physically sound. If you want to get to that level faster, you should pay attention to your diet. Read on for more. Practice yoga on an empty stomach; Here’s why This piece of information may not be new to you; most of us already know yoga is to be done on an empty stomach. I..... See More

Yoga in Pregnancy

Every Pregnant Woman Should Do Prenatal Yoga - Here’s Why Yoga in Pregnancy does wonders for the health of the mother as well as the baby. It helps the mother from succumbing to the potential side-effects of pregnancy such as bad posture, obesity, hair loss and other ailments. Moreover, it also helps her connect to her unborn child. Take a look at the benefits of prenatal yoga in detail. Helps Cope With the Common Symptoms of Pregnancy No doubt, childbirth is a joyous event in every woman’s life but unfortunately there are some unavoidable pains associated with the miracle of life..... See More

Can I get My Focus back Through Yoga?

Hard workers like you and I have so much on our minds that it can easily get very hard to focus as well as we used to. We’ve all heard stories about people losing focus and having difficulty ever finding it again, and that leads them to not live and work up to their full potential. If you too are starting to feel distracted and tired all the time, and simply can’t give 100% to every challenging situation, you should fight it before it gets out of hand. Fortunately, you have yoga workshops to help you through; the answer the question to “Can I Get My Focus Back” is a resounding YES! ..... See More

How to Make Yoga Even More Fun Than It Is

If there’s one thing that makes yoga fun, it is the fact that it is one of the most effective stress busters there is. It is also possibly the most beneficial form of physical exercise of them all in light of how yoga makes you: • Slimmer • Stronger • More Agile • More Focused • More Vital • More Immune to ailments …the list goes on. There’s no denying that yoga is fun. That said, there are many ways, you can make it even more fun! Take a look. Give Energy Boosting Yoga a Go Energy boosting yoga mainly involves performing poses such as the bridge pose, camel ..... See More

3 Incredibly Simple Tips to get a Long, Deep Sleep Every Night

You know that refreshing feeling you get after waking up from a good night’s sleep? Imagine if everyday was like that? Think how much happier and more productive you’ll be. A great state of mind aside, you’d even look better – better hair, younger skin, eyes and so much more. Unfortunately, very few people out there sleep for as long or as well as they should and some even struggle to get any sleep at all. That doesn’t have to be you, and if it is, it doesn’t have to be, any longer. Here are 5 easy-to-follow-tips for better sleep every night. 1) Night Routine It’s half..... See More