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The Yoga Unit is your place to uncover all the amazing health benefits of Yoga. With the help of our qualified Yoga instructors, we’ve designed the ideal yoga program for you. Whether you’re a kid, a senior citizen or anyone in between, we have something for you. At The Yoga unit, you will find the answers to your health problems, stress problems, mind problems and more through the age old magic of Yoga.

Best Yoga Classes Claremont CA


Regardless of your age, profession or level of physical fitness, yoga can help you extend the reach of your mind and body. Whether we talk about pollution, job stresses, or sedentary lifestyles, our lives are more hectic than they have ever been. We believe the best way to deal with it is through peace, self-exploration and good health. Yoga helps one achieve all those and be better prepared for the everyday challenges of life.

The Yoga Unit

The Yoga Unit was established by everyday people like you to reap the benefits of yoga and use them to work at their full potential. Whether you want to indulge yoga to lose weight, look better, improve your cardiovascular health, get your focus back or just destress , we can get you on the right track. Explore our services on this website or call us now for a reservation.