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Our classes are designed at varying levels of intensity to accommodate the needs of our yoga practitioners.

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Align & Flow (All Levels) ______

This flow class focuses on proper alignment as one smoothly transitions from pose to pose. We already live in a fast paced world, so learning to concentrate and slow down is not easy for most of us. But in focusing on alignment and breathing one can be in a space of meditation through movement. All levels welcome.

Yoga Basics (All Levels) ______

This introductory style class welcomes students to the basics of yoga. Learn proper breathing technique as well as beginner poses which will be the foundation of your practice.

Yoga with Foam Rollers (All Levels)______

Learn a myriad of myofascial release techniques using a professional foam roller. Monica Mathews, certified in Myofascial Release, will guide you through interactive body rolling as we explore how this exciting self-help therapy has revolutionized pain management and reduced many common repetitive stress syndromes, soft tissue restrictions, muscular alignment imbalances and conditions brought on from overtraining **Myofascial Professional Roller ONLY. $4 Roller Rental or available for purchase at the studio.

Fitness Flow (Level 1-2) ______

An Ashtanga based class to connect the mind, body and soul in a workout, focusing on flexibility, strength and becoming cognitive in a correct way to use your body. A total body workout!

Hatha Yoga (All Levels) ______

This class focuses on conscious alignment and breath awareness while exploring and fine tuning fundamental poses of yoga including standing and seated poses, basic backbends, and introductory stages of inversions. This is an uplifting practice that increases muscle tone, improves flexibility and deepens your overall understanding of asana. Expect clear instructions, modifications and the use of props. Appropriate for students of all levels.

Power Hour Yoga (Level 2) ______

The name speaks for itself! Get ready to tone and tighten in this one hour powerful, Vinyasa class. Power Hour Yoga is for the intermediate yogi familiar with basic yoga poses and is looking for a challenge in shortened amount of time. Be prepared with a bottle of water and small towel!

Restorative Yoga (All Levels)______

Relax, release and rejuvenate your mind and body with this yoga class that is great for all yogis (even those new to yoga). This class will simplify the classic poses of yoga while moving and opening tight areas of the body through some gentle flowing sequences. Good form and explanation of alignment in the postures will be demonstrated and many variations will be offered to accommodate a wide variety of body types, activity levels and varying degrees of ability. Come and unwind with this calming, much needed style of yoga in today's busy society and leave feeling refreshed yet cool, calm and collected! Perfect for seniors and women who are pregnant, practitioners who have been inactive, or those who are simply looking for a more relaxed and laid back workout prefer gentle yoga over any other yoga form.

Restorative Flow (All Levels) ______

This class encompasses all of the benefits of Restorative Yoga along with a focus on opening tight areas of the body through gentle flowing sequences.

Restorative Yin (All Levels) ______

Most poses performed on the floor, targeting denser tissues that tighten as we age. No strenuous Vinyasa poses or long standing balance sequences. We start from navel area to the knees, gradually adding upper body, at a slow pace, gently moving toward each individual’s comfortable edge.

Rise & Flow (All Levels) ______

Flow and let go as you warm your body and mind. Start your day off right with this vinyasa style class that brings your body energy and nourishment to take on the day. Modifications are given for different levels.

Slow Flow (Level 1-2) ______

This unique style of yoga blends relaxing, deep stretches with the fluid motion of a Vinyasa flow style class but everything is slowed down. This class is good for beginner and intermediate yogis to build strength by holding postures, enduran ce from the flow and flexibility from stretching. You will be encouraged to connect the mind and body together through your breath in order to find balance, clarity of mind and focus

Yoga For Lunch (All Levels)______

Destress in the middle of your working day with breath and movement. Use of therapy balls, props and yoga poses will assist you to live better in your body. To find stability in the body one must become aware of overuse or underuse of the muscles. This class will assist one to find those blind spots. Concentrating on pranayama (breath) and asanas (poses) one finds balance in the body and the mind. All levels welcome

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Level 1-2) ______

This class builds on the base structure of Level 1 yoga and adds more endurance, balance challenges, twisting and inversions. A firm level 1 class knowledge is required before participating in a level 2 class.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Level 2)______

At the intermediate level the student has achieved a strong practice. Students have a grasp of the majority of yoga poses. Challenging poses will be introduced with less breakdown and explanation and there will be more endurance required with faster transitions between the poses. This class is not recommended for beginning yoga student.