Yoga Classes Claremont CA

YOGA is the journey of the self,
through the self, to the self

Mindful Yoga

The mission of Yoga Unit 2 is simple, and each client leaves restored and rejuvenated. We offer various classes to suit people of every age from kids (13+) to seniors. These yoga classes will make your everyday activities easier by reducing fatigue and impacts of stress, while increasing flexibility and overall strength. We have the most experienced and well-trained instructors, who use progressive teaching methods in a non-competitive and encouraging environment.

Best Yoga Classes Claremont CA


We encourage healing on every level; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The goal of Yoga Unit 2 is to deliver internal and external peace. We combine the power of various yoga poses into one complete practice. Our holistic and calm methodology benefits the various aspects of life to experience ultimate peace. Our dedicated teachers showcase the right path to people for better living through yoga, and motivate them to be part of a culture that brings positivity into the world.

The Yoga Unit 2

The Yoga Unit 2 was started by common people to gain the benefits of yoga and utilize them to work for human body. You can use yoga to lose weight, improve cardiovascular health, look better, etc. Whether you want to deal with depression, improve well-being, develop flexibility and strength, Yoga Unit 2 offers it all. Visit us or give us a call for reservations.